AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham is Hiring!

Our Mission

With a mission to change the way urgent care is delivered in the United States, AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham is a medical organization providing high-quality, compassionate urgent care to communities across the greater Philadelphia area. Our medicines treat aches and pains and our physicians treat people. We are constantly looking for better ways to do both. We strive for fresh thinking and best practices in the fields of urgent care and occupational medicine.

Our People

We share similar core values that drive us to bring the best of who we are to work every day. Every patient who walks through American Family Care doors deserves nothing less. These values include: a respect and consideration for others, honesty and integrity. It means compassion and kindness for all. Teamwork and a spirit of cooperation. Initiative and bringing excellence to everything we do. This is who we are.

Professional growth in the medical field

Develop your medical career and work in an ever-growing industry. Urgent care is one the most utilized medical fields in the country and our urgent care center allows our team members to gain new skills and expertise at a rapid pace!

Dedicated team members and company culture

AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham’s team prides itself on our company culture and dedicated staff that work together to help provide the best urgent care experience for our patients. 

An aligned mission: giving our community the best care possible

The success of our urgent care center comes from our team’s commitment: a single goal of giving our community members affordable and efficient urgent care. Management and staff members work together to create accessible medical options for our community members. 

Current Openings:

As openings appear, we will add them as well as application details below: