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Influenza Facts to Keep Your Household Safe

Influenza is the most common illness that humans encounter worldwide. While it seems harmless, it is responsible for killing thousands of people around the world. Countries with accessible and advanced health care facilities don’t have to worry about influenza treatments, but underdeveloped countries have it the worst when treating this disease. Following is the list …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Coronavirus

What is the coronavirus? The novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, is an infection affecting your upper respiratory system. The virus is new, and doctors worldwide are working to learn more about it each day. The coronavirus has quickly made its way worldwide, with over 250 confirmed cases in Pennsylvania as of March 20th. …

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What’s the Difference Between a Cold & the Flu?

Your body requires some time to adjust as the seasons change, leaving you vulnerable to encountering viruses and other illnesses common in colder weather. The cold and flu are two of the most common diseases and are both highly contagious, quickly making their way through enclosed locations like your office, school or home. While some …

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How Can You Get Healthy Skin?

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, you might think of exercising and eating a healthy diet. But it’s important to also consider taking care of your skin! During Healthy Skin Month, our team at AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham wants to share some tips on keeping your skin in top shape. How Can You …

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Why Bus Drivers Should Undergo DOT Physicals

In major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, public transportation is a critical part of peoples’ everyday lives. They use the bus and train to get to school, to work, to daycare to pick up their children. As a bus driver, you will be required to undergo periodic DOT physicals to maintain your certification. These physicals are …

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When to Visit Urgent Care with Flu Symptoms

The flu season is extremely common, with nearly 3 million cases reported each year between the early fall all the way through late spring. Your body is more vulnerable to the virus as it adjusts to dropping temperatures and changing seasons. Symptoms range from mild to more severe, which may require treatment and examination by …

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