How Do You Cope with Stress?

Is the stress starting to get to you? You are not alone—as none of us have been prepared for something like this, we can feel very out of control.

Yet there is one important thing we can control, which is our reaction to stress. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham wants you to know how you can both manage stress and boost your immune system! Read on as we offer some insight.

What Are Some Ways You Can Better Manage Stress?

Stress can take a toll on our health in a number of ways—both physically and mentally. Therefore, in order to avoid the negative effects that stress can bring to your health, it is important to do what you can to manage your stress as much as possible.

First things first, you want to make sure you keep a positive attitude. Even if your day hasn’t gone as planned, there is always something good in every day—so positive vibes only! Exercise, healthy eating and relaxation techniques like yoga can also help when it comes to stress management.

Symptoms of Stress

  • Low energy
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation and nausea
  • Aches, pains and tense muscles
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat
  • Loneliness
  • Insomnia
  • Frequent colds and infections

How Does Stress Play Into Your Immune System?

When you are stressed, your body releases stress hormones, which can suppress your immune system. As a result, your immune system doesn’t work as effectively as it could to help protect your body from illnesses caused by bacteria and/or viruses.

By effectively managing your stress, you are also boosting your immune system. Practicing healthy lifestyle habits can also help you keep your immune system strong.

Ways to Boost Your Immune System

  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Control stress.
  • Get enough quality sleep at night.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Limit your alcohol intake.
  • Don’t smoke.

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