Preventing Kitchen Injuries During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for quality time with your friends and family, giving thanks for the good and bad times of the year past and looking forward to the times ahead. However, there is always a chance for injury on Thanksgiving between the hours that go into preparing the meal to accidents that occur when carving the turkey, prime rib or ham. Especially if this is your first year taking on carving duties, nerves or distractions can lead to cuts that may require a visit to your local urgent care for stitches. Follow these tips to prevent accidents from occurring that can put a damper on your holiday festivities!

Don’t cut into the turkey right away

Regardless of your meat dish, make sure it has time to cool. After spending anywhere between three and five hours roasting in the oven in direct heat, the juices will be scalding and more likely to splatter if you start cutting in right away. Give the turkey at least half an hour to cool and allow the juices to redistribute throughout the bird to prevent burning yourself or anyone surrounding the table. 

Make sure your knife is in good shape

A dull blade can cause trouble when carving a turkey or other meat dish. In addition to requiring more effort to cut into the meat, the knife will be more likely to slip as you cut in stops and starts. If you are not extremely careful, you run into the risk of cutting yourself while holding on to keep the bird steady. Make sure your knife is sharp enough by running it past a sharpener, a metal rod sold with most knife sets. You can also opt to use an electric knife for a consistent cut.  Always make sure you avoid cutting towards yourself, and have a dish readily available to catch the slices as they are cut. 

Carve in a well-lit, quiet area

By setting up your carving station in a bright room, you’ll be able to cut consistent, even slices of meat and avoid cuts because you cannot see properly. In addition to stopping accidents before they have a chance to happen, you’ll be able to prevent fighting over who got the larger meal. 

What should I do if I cut myself?

If you accidentally cut yourself, apply pressure to the wound immediately. If you are unable to control the bleeding by applying pressure and a bandage, you should go to urgent care for examination and treatment. You should also visit AFC Urgent Care if:

  • You have trouble moving your hand or fingers
  • You cannot clean out the wound
  • You feel numb around the cut

Injury Treatment for Lacerations in Cheltenham & Wyncote, PA

If you experience an injury while preparing your Thanksgiving meal, visit AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham for treatment. Our physicians will be able to assess your injury and perform the correct treatment, from ointment for burns to stitches for cuts. Most major insurance plans are accepted. For questions, please call 215-935-6777.