Staying Safe During Winter 2020: Battling COVID-19 and Flu Season

Winter is almost here and that means flu season is already here! Worrying about contracting the flu is stressful enough, but 2020 brought another set of challenges with the coronavirus. COVID-19 is continuing to spread around the country with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Staying safe this winter is a matter of preparation and education to really understand what you’re up against and what you can do to prevent it.

Flu Prevention

The flu is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. Many people end up hospitalized from the flu each year. Those who get the flu and don’t require hospitalization will still miss days of work, school, and other commitments. Luckily, you can prevent the flu! The influenza vaccine is over 80% effective at preventing the flu. If you do contract the flu after being vaccinated, the vaccine will help to lessen the time and severity of your illness. In addition to getting your flu shot, you should practice good hand hygiene and avoid people you know are sick.

COVID-19 Prevention

Since COVID-19 is so new and experts still have so much to learn about the virus, there is no vaccine available to the public yet. The most effective ways to prevent COVID-19 are regular mask wearing, social distancing, and staying home as much as you can. When you’re out in public remember to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face as much as possible.

Illness Management

If you get sick this winter, it will be difficult to know if your have the flu or COVID-19. It’s best to stay home and call your doctor to discuss your symptoms and determine the safest next steps. You will likely need a flu or COVID-19 test, or both, because it is technically possible to have both viruses simultaneously. For same-day care and testing, contact a nearby urgent care center. Experts recommend staying home and isolating yourself from others until a medical provider can assess your individual case and symptoms.

COVID-19 Testing & Flu Shots in Cheltenham, PA

Flu shots are available now and the sooner you get one, the better! Visit AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham to get your flu vaccine at a quick and convenient location. The flu vaccine is covered in full by most major insurance providers and has a low out of pocket cost if you’re uninsured.