The Importance of Regular STD Testing

In addition to undergoing an annual checkup to go over your overall health, it is important to make sure you have your sexual health checked by a physician through STD testing. Many sexually transmitted diseases and infections can exist within your body for long periods of time without exhibiting physical symptoms and can only be detected through testing. Many of these infections can be treated with medication when caught early. By undergoing STD tests as part of your routine medical care, you will be able to be aware of your status and make sure you are getting the correct treatment to live a healthy life. 

Certain STDs can be transmitted without having intercourse

Many people believe that STDs and STIs can only be transmitted through intercourse. These infections can be transmitted through vaginal, anal or oral sex, as well as sharing needles and other drug materials. Even if you are not currently sexually active, it is recommended that you undergo testing every six to twelve months to know your status.

Many STDs and STIs do not have visible or physical symptoms

While many of the more infamous STDs and STIs are known for their indicators, most do not have physical symptoms to let you know that something is wrong. Others may appear at first glance to be a different illness including the flu or a common cold. A lack of symptoms makes it easier to unwittingly pass the infection to your partner without either of you knowing. You should undergo STD testing when you are switching partners or have multiple sexual partners. It is recommended that you are tested at least once per year. 

Some STDs are easily treatable

One of the reasons why people put off getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is because they are afraid of what the results may show and how it may change their lifestyle. However, many STDs and STIs can be treated with medication and monitoring at our walk-in urgent care, and medication is available to manage symptoms of more serious infections. 

Walk-In STD Testing in Cheltenham & Philadelphia, PA

If you are interested in learning your STD testing, you and your partner can visit AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham today. Our center accepts walk-in patients seven days a week and offers bundled testing for a full STD workup. Testing is discreet and results can be processed and analyzed quickly in our on-site laboratory. If you are interested in learning more about STD testing or have questions, please call 215-935-6777.