What’s the Best Exercise for Me?

And how can I exercise safely? It’s been a hard summer for exercise. Many gyms were closed, and the outdoor heat had people sweltering. But now, it’s time to start moving again.

As you gear up to visit your local YMCA or walking trail, make sure you’re starting out on the right foot. With good advice, you can develop an exercise plan that’s sustainable, safe and fun.

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham can help you get started with an exercise program. We can also offer guidance about exercising safely.

What Are My Exercise Goals?

Exercise has a variety of benefits, from building your heart health to lowering stress.

Plus, exercise should be fun! If you like a new challenge every day, pick something where you progress through skill levels, such as a martial art or a series of graded hiking trails. If socializing makes you happy, look for team sports or organized groups.

Exercises for Every Occasion

  • Develop balance with tai chi, yoga or ballet.
  • Build strength with gardening or weight lifting.
  • Burn calories with swimming, biking or pickleball.
  • Find serenity with hiking or golf.

Is It Safe to Exercise?

Whether you’re new to an activity or returning to it, always start slowly. Gradually add length and intensity to your workouts. Slow, steady progress can help you avoid injuries.

If you’re starting something new, work with a coach at first. For instance, if you’ve never lifted weights before, schedule a few sessions with a trainer before going solo. If you have any limiting health conditions, consult with a healthcare provider before you start a new exercise plan.

Pandemic Precautions

  • Stay 12 feet apart or more while breathing heavily.
  • Unless you’re outdoors alone, wear a mask.
  • Clean all exercise equipment with disinfecting wipes before and after using it.

Would you like some guidance as you get started exercising? Make an AFC TeleCare appointment with our AFC Urgent Care Cheltenham team and let’s talk!