When Should I visit Urgent Care for My Cough?

A few indicators should inform you about the severity of your cough. One of the most common signs that give you the green light to go for urgent care is cough frequency and persistence. If your cough does not seem to go away despite the home remedial measures, then you should visit the doctor. Apart from that, other signs hint at a visit to urgent care.

When Should You Visit Urgent Care?

Once the coughing episodes start, monitor your coughs and track them each day. In addition to your cough, also monitor your phlegm. If the color of your phlegm turns greenish-yellow, it is time to visit urgent care. Moreover, wheezing and bark coughing may be an indication of a respiratory failure or asthmatic episode. This is also a good reason to visit urgent care.

Other obvious signs that point towards urgent care visits are fever, shortness of breath, nausea, swelling, allergic reactions, or fainting. These are usually indications that your condition has gotten worse and can potentially lead to serious complications if you do not visit urgent care. Serious conditions may cause you to choke up and vomit, which in some cases even causes death.

If you do not address your dry coughs by going to urgent care, you can damage the inner tissues of your throat. When this happens, it usually causes you to cough up blood and dark phlegm. Furthermore, symptoms of respiratory infections can make breathing difficult for you. In some cases, people even experience chest pain due to excessive coughing.


In the instances of acute coughing, self-care measures alone can prove to be useful. Home remedies and over the counter medication gives you temporary relief. However, they do not cure the condition that is causing the cough in the first place, especially if it is a viral infection. Hence, it is best to stick to natural solutions for the easement of acute coughing episodes.

These include the use of honey, as it is a natural throat relaxer. Moreover, taking a steamy shower also helps with nasal disturbances and coughs. Lastly, you can benefit from the intake of warm throat-soothing drinks such as tea and coffee.

Make sure that you are fully aware of the severity of your cough. More importantly, make the right decision by going to urgent care for the treatment of your coughs. In comparison to the ER, urgent care centers will provide you with a highly accessible and low-cost treatment. Therefore, do not undermine your coughs and get treatment before your conditions get worse.